Saturday, January 10, 2009

Treadmilling It!

I cannot stand the treadmill, but sometimes there is no other option. The weather over this past week has been ugly anroad running was just too dangerous with the icey conditions. So, I decided to log some treadmill miles.

The first run was brutal. I ran three of the hardest, most boring miles of my life staring at a blue wall at the gym. The TV is too high on the wall and too close. Watching it makes you loose balance. I decided on my next treadmill run to run 2, 3 milers and do some ab work in between to keep some sanity. I actually ended up going 5 miles because it just so dull. Yet it was a better experience than my last attempt.

I got outside yesterday for a quick 5 before heading out with the kids and I look forward to getting out in the cold this morning.

See you on the road.
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