Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Morning Inner Harbor Run

This morning's 10 mile run from the Inner Harbor was uncertain. The peeps I thought were coming didn't. Some ran shorter while others ran earlier because the temp was higher at 5:30 am. But, I drove to the harbor anyway.

As I entered the parking lot, to my surprise, was Mark, Tom, Paul, and Cindy. Five lake Effecters and 10 miles to traverse.

As we ran down Kirkpatrick and Solar Streets we could hear a car horn going off and discovered it was only a bus from the garage. No need to turn around to see if the brutal wind had set off a car alarm. We persevered through Franklin Square and ran forth down Franklin St to Adams St. We passed University Hospital, hopefully the center of Ray's Easter Run course, to Ostrom and then up and around the water tower. The next 5 miles or so was down hill as we ran into the wind coming back to the harbor.

We made it to Clinton Square, waited for some traffic to pass and enjoyed the scent of Dinosaur Barbecue heading to Evans St, a short portion of Paige's Butterfly Run, and out to Spencer St followed by a quick turn at Liberty St sliding upon the grease flowing from the Little Gem Diner, Paul and Mark stopped in for a quick bite after we finished. I whussd out and drove up to Bruegger's in Liverpool. Believe me, coffee and a bagel with cream cheese hits the spot after a nice run on a cold morning.

Us 5 completed the course with a brief run up Pulaski St, Hiawatha Blvd, and Van Rensaleer St. A quick pass of the parking lot on Kirkpatrick and a turn back to the lot got us our 10 miles and a pat on the back for being brave to weather the horrid conditions.

Now as I think about it, the conditions were good. I saw at least 7 other folks running, 5 on my drive to the Inner Harbor and 2 on the run. Running is how we shed pounds, clear our minds, and stay warm. I hope to see you out there next weekend; I'm ready for 12.

See you on the road.

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