Saturday, January 31, 2009

Team In Training

I have been thinking about running with Team in Training for some time now. My buddy John ran with Team In Training last year for the LLS and raised over $5,000. He ran his first marathon at Lake Placid. John has become an avid runner and has encouraged me to do the same.

I attended a Team In Training meeting and after while talking w/another friend, Tom, down in PA, I discovered that his sister Jane has myeloma cancer. I knew she was sick and received a kidney transplant, but I did not realize what her actual diagnosis was until this recent conversation. Tom told me that I had to do this. He said, "Having my best friend run a marathon for my sister would touch my heart." At that moment I made the commitment to run. I drove to the LLS office and submitted my paperwork.

Now, I will begin training for the San Diego Rock N Roll marathon. I must raise over $4,000 to meet my goal to run. I hope to get my web site up and running from the LLS to begin fundraising asap because time is short. If anyone has ideas or would like to help, please send me an email or make a comment on this page to let me know. My email is Any help would be greatly appreciated; I have had several people in my life who have had cancer and now two who have suffered and persevered with some form of blood cancer. I am just a conduit for all of us to help our family and friends beat cancer. Who knows, this money we send in could help us one day. No one who has cancer ever thought it would happen to them, so lets make a difference.

Ask your human resources dept. about a corporate match, It is a phone call or an email. Thank you.

See You on the Road.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Morning Inner Harbor Run

This morning's 10 mile run from the Inner Harbor was uncertain. The peeps I thought were coming didn't. Some ran shorter while others ran earlier because the temp was higher at 5:30 am. But, I drove to the harbor anyway.

As I entered the parking lot, to my surprise, was Mark, Tom, Paul, and Cindy. Five lake Effecters and 10 miles to traverse.

As we ran down Kirkpatrick and Solar Streets we could hear a car horn going off and discovered it was only a bus from the garage. No need to turn around to see if the brutal wind had set off a car alarm. We persevered through Franklin Square and ran forth down Franklin St to Adams St. We passed University Hospital, hopefully the center of Ray's Easter Run course, to Ostrom and then up and around the water tower. The next 5 miles or so was down hill as we ran into the wind coming back to the harbor.

We made it to Clinton Square, waited for some traffic to pass and enjoyed the scent of Dinosaur Barbecue heading to Evans St, a short portion of Paige's Butterfly Run, and out to Spencer St followed by a quick turn at Liberty St sliding upon the grease flowing from the Little Gem Diner, Paul and Mark stopped in for a quick bite after we finished. I whussd out and drove up to Bruegger's in Liverpool. Believe me, coffee and a bagel with cream cheese hits the spot after a nice run on a cold morning.

Us 5 completed the course with a brief run up Pulaski St, Hiawatha Blvd, and Van Rensaleer St. A quick pass of the parking lot on Kirkpatrick and a turn back to the lot got us our 10 miles and a pat on the back for being brave to weather the horrid conditions.

Now as I think about it, the conditions were good. I saw at least 7 other folks running, 5 on my drive to the Inner Harbor and 2 on the run. Running is how we shed pounds, clear our minds, and stay warm. I hope to see you out there next weekend; I'm ready for 12.

See you on the road.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boot Camp at the OLP and Snow Angels

A nice day for a short run and for participation in Boot Camp lead by Patty Hendry. While we only had four runners on a chilly Saturday morning for a SU Hill run, the Boot Camp had 11 insane individuals jumping jacks, falling to the ground doing squat thrusts, and making snow angels (my personal favorite). Who came out: Kim, Lisa, Lucy, Joe, Donna, Becky, Lari, Bill, Casey, Christina, and, of course, Patty Hendry.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, “I despise squat thrusts!” I love the up hill walking lunges and the short uphill sprints. I love the running in the park. I’ll even say that I love the pushups and grape vines. I will never like squat thrusts just as I despise seafood. I do realize its good for me to accept what’s good for me so I will do them.

Patty knows how to work us out. The variety and the challenges of the workout makes for a fun filled day with a little bit of whining, but the peeps are great and the camaraderie excellent. Where else can you sweat, freeze, jump in the snow then fall backwards into the snow to make a magnificent snow angel? Nowhere, but at Boot Camp at the OLP. I look forward for the next Boot Camp and I can’t wait to participate in the Sunday long runs to prepare for a marathon, most likely Buffalo.

I hope to see more folks come out the front door and enjoy the cold weather running and training throughout CNY. Its not as bad as you may think. Wear gloves, a hat, and a few layers of wicking shirts/jackets and you’re ready for a good time burning fat and calories.

See you on the road, or at the OLP!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold Morning Run

A chilly run this morning with Mike, Bob and Ray. We ran a ttal of 10.5 miles from the Park View Hotel in Syracuse through the Syracuse University area. We ran by the Pan Am 103 Memorial and then up to Mt Olympus.

The run was tough and many big hills paved with brick lay before us before climbing to the Water Tower in Thornden Park. From there it was downhill.

After the run was completed we all enjoyed good conversation and a cup of coffee (Ray had an awesome fruitcake like muffin, too). We talked about marathoming and adding a Saturday early run and a Sunday afternoon run. Check web site for details of when and where to meet.

Next week should be significantly warmer, but be prepared for the worst. Afterall, it is CNY. See you on the road.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Treadmilling It!

I cannot stand the treadmill, but sometimes there is no other option. The weather over this past week has been ugly anroad running was just too dangerous with the icey conditions. So, I decided to log some treadmill miles.

The first run was brutal. I ran three of the hardest, most boring miles of my life staring at a blue wall at the gym. The TV is too high on the wall and too close. Watching it makes you loose balance. I decided on my next treadmill run to run 2, 3 milers and do some ab work in between to keep some sanity. I actually ended up going 5 miles because it just so dull. Yet it was a better experience than my last attempt.

I got outside yesterday for a quick 5 before heading out with the kids and I look forward to getting out in the cold this morning.

See you on the road.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Resolution Run

This Resolution Run sponsored by the Syracuse Track Club and the Spaghetti Warehouse was well attended and awesome. Although the temp was ice, the streets were covered in snow and slush, and the hills challenging, the Lake Effect Run Club was well represented by Ray, Bill, Bob, Mary Ellen, Pat, Tom, Chris, and Mark.

The highlights of the race were charging the brick paved hill and the never ending Schiller Park incline followed by a champagne toast turnaround and where the many friendly faces met along the road. I can say this, I would have been left for dead after taking the champagne turn if Bob hadn't caught me and chatted to take my mind of my struggles. A friendly smile from Jennifer as she passed me bybefore the homestretch helped me maintain a strong pace to the end. Thank you all for getting me to the finish line.

However, although our motto is no man left behind, Mark and I left Ray behind when he stopped to take a few pics. He never caught us until we met again in front of the Spaghetti Warehouse. I bet Ray has some sweet pics to post on web page.

The race was capped by a beer, chili, and spaghetti in bed (a table designed to look like a brass 4 poster) with all our friends. Then we strolled over to the bar for a few wonderful prizes: car monograms, ball caps, joke books, lamps, beer kits, and t-shirts.

I can't wait for 2010. This tme I'll be ready for the brick hill. See you on the road.