Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boot Camp at the OLP and Snow Angels

A nice day for a short run and for participation in Boot Camp lead by Patty Hendry. While we only had four runners on a chilly Saturday morning for a SU Hill run, the Boot Camp had 11 insane individuals jumping jacks, falling to the ground doing squat thrusts, and making snow angels (my personal favorite). Who came out: Kim, Lisa, Lucy, Joe, Donna, Becky, Lari, Bill, Casey, Christina, and, of course, Patty Hendry.

I said it once, and I’ll say it again, “I despise squat thrusts!” I love the up hill walking lunges and the short uphill sprints. I love the running in the park. I’ll even say that I love the pushups and grape vines. I will never like squat thrusts just as I despise seafood. I do realize its good for me to accept what’s good for me so I will do them.

Patty knows how to work us out. The variety and the challenges of the workout makes for a fun filled day with a little bit of whining, but the peeps are great and the camaraderie excellent. Where else can you sweat, freeze, jump in the snow then fall backwards into the snow to make a magnificent snow angel? Nowhere, but at Boot Camp at the OLP. I look forward for the next Boot Camp and I can’t wait to participate in the Sunday long runs to prepare for a marathon, most likely Buffalo.

I hope to see more folks come out the front door and enjoy the cold weather running and training throughout CNY. Its not as bad as you may think. Wear gloves, a hat, and a few layers of wicking shirts/jackets and you’re ready for a good time burning fat and calories.

See you on the road, or at the OLP!
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