Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Afternoon Run on Tipp Hill

This afternoon's run was terrific. Eight of us ran today and all returned to the Irish Grounds coffee shop for a drink, a muffin, and good well wishes for the new year.

Eileen and Mary Ellen mapped out a longer run reaching 6.7 to 7.0 miles. I ran w/Jen and Mary Ellen and eventually caught up to Eileen. I was separated after a bathroom stop at the Western Lights Price Chopper and caught the crew on Myrtle St. running in the opposite direction due to an over confident wrong turn. I should have went straight, but I turned left. Oh well.

After we regrouped at the Irish Grounds Coffee Shop, we discussed meeting up for a Saturday morning run next weekend, of Mary Ellen's choosing in DeWitt and who was going to run the 10:07 New Year's Day Resolution Run. Ray, Mark, Pat and I are all in. Registration is at the Spaghetti Warehouse and the fee goes to the race and the Syracuse Track Club membership. The run and after run festivities sound like a blast. Visit for more information.

See you on the road.

Friday, December 26, 2008

This Mornings Fine 9.75 Mile Run

Another fine morning to run before the snow or rain hit the B'ville area. I took off as I usually do for my Baker HS 5 Mile run, but this time I added a few extra miles, attempting for 10, but I would have to settle for 9.75.

I commenced the run up the Baker Drive passed Elden to Durgee and took that long dive out to the village. When I finally reached the legion Post on 370, I had to go. I safely reached the Dunkin Donuts on 31 in a nick of time. Ran out to find the cinder path closed due to too much snow and too high snow banks. Headed out to 31 again and ran down Syracuse St (48) to Mildred to Downer to 690 and up Crego St. A tough hill to climb. Continued to Tappan running aside the cemetery; I said a prayer to our Lady and reached Syracuse St (48) again and hit the bridges.

Once over the bridges, I ran along the river/canal to North St.; another tough hill to climb until reaching the light at Oneida and Syracuse St. Continued, finally, down hill passed the high school to Mechanic St, to Burger King and turned onto Palmer St up the long drive to Durgee and back around to Baker HS and the STOP sign in front of the admin building.

Great run. Love the route. I "ran" into two other runners and a few walkers. All were smiling and glad to have a nice morning to run and walk, respectively. Baldwinsville needs to take advantage of its village for good runs. The motto of the village is "Lock into an Experience". But they have yet to "lock" anybody into any experience.

The village offers several fine cafes and restaurants that only need to be discovered. The Paper Mill Island is awesome; too bad is closed in the winter. I run with the Lake Effect Run Club, and we need to do a run that ends for a beer at the Lake Effect Grill. I can't wait to go out and run and see the Village of Baldwinsville again. This week I will stop in at the Canal Walk Cafe. I'll let you know how it goes.

See you on the road.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tipperary Hill Run

Good run this afternoon. The hills of Tip Hill were alive with the sound of splashing slush and an occasional shout out from the locals who thought us 7 runners crazy for being out today after a snow storm. They may be right, but the temp was good, and the streets not too bad.

It was nice meeting a few new folks, Liz, Bob, and Chris. The Irish Grounds Coffee Shop is a nice place to congregate, and the coffee and bagels hit the spot following the run.
Burnet Park and the Burnet Park Zoo were two sites to run passed while Coleman's and Nibsy's Irish Pubs and St. Patrick's Church are landmarks that brought back many memories for Mary Ellen who grew up on Tip Hill. She shared stories about walking to school and meeting friends on her way. She even pointed out a home of her second grade teacher, Mrs. Kennedy. Awesome run. Now with some personal meaning that makes it better and ever memorable.

Eileen and Mary Ellen are going to fine tune the run for a few more miles next weekend, weather permitting. I can’t wait to do it again. The track we took was the actual Shamrock Run, a 4 mile hill run which supports the Tipperary Hill Neighborhood Association. A great cause for the many young people families moving to this well established community.
If anyone is sitting on the fence on whether to run with us or not, just come out. No one is left behind. Its about running, not racing. The exercise is good, the conversation better, and the people are the best.
See you on the road.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running Baldwinsville

This morning was a great run. I took my usual loop around Baker HS and added the bridges, Tappan and Downer Sts.

I truly love running in the village. The only places i contend with some traffic is on Oneida St running towards 31 and 31 running to Curtis St. Otherwise it not bad.

The highlight of running in the village is the cinder trail behind the dance center and Dunkin Donuts which ends at the parking lot adjacent Sammy Malone's Pub. Another trail along the river is picked up on the west side of Syracuse St at River St. A nice incline follows up North St, crossing 31 and returning to Oneida St. to complete the last 2 miles of the 5 mile loop.

Yet, today, I came off the cider trail and headed over the 2 bridges in front of the Red Mill Inn and passed by the Lake Effect and the Canal Cafe to turn down Tappan St. Very quiet on this road breezing by the cemetery and eventually winding around to Downer St near the retro Mc Donald's.

It would be great to add paper Mill Island to this run. Maybe, if the B'ville 5 Mile Fly Run can become a reality I could finagle something there for a pleasant turnaround locale. Until then, "see you on the road."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boot Camp at OLP

Hey gang, Great times were had while participating at Patty Hendry’s Boot Camp. At least 10 or so folks showed up to “get in shape”. Patty beats you real well, but makes you feel good doing so. And let me tell you, she has the ears for the CIA and the eyes of an eagle. She caught me cheating on squats!

The Boot camp lasted about an hour and a half. We started from the main visitor center near the Wegman’s Playground and did jumping jacks, push ups, squat thrusts (I haven’t done those since HS football), and a few more warm up exercises; all of us were warm and ready within a few minutes.

After stopping to do bench squats, bench push ups, push ups, grape vines, side shuffles, Indian runs, hill sprints… I looked forward to getting home to complete stacking wood for the winter; yet, while driving home, I thought I could have done more. I was ready to return for another session; I enjoyed it so much. Just like a good run, once its ends you want to do it again.

I met many new people, Mike, Lisa, Lucy (who runs w/us in B’ville), Melanie, Kelly, Kim, Casey, and Antionette to name several. All of them were good. All of them said it was also worth attending Patty’s spin class, too. I may take them up on it, but I really love running.

I could not go for some eats with the campers, but after the new year, count me in. I highly recommend participating in Patty Hendry’s Boot Camp, its well worth the energy and effort to make ourseves better while being with fantastic people. Maybe we can skip and hop a few more times at the next boot camp. I’ll also work on my balance and flexibility some.

Remember to check out Patty’s web page at

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running the Back End of The Mountain Goat

This morning 8 brave souls (Ray, Bob, Mary Ellen, Eileen, Colleen, Angie, Mark, and I)ventured out to downtown Syracuse, meeting at the Clinton Square Ice Rink to run the back end of the Mountain Goat Race.
I'll tell you this, every time I run a half of the Mtn. Goat I am amazed by the views this race offers. On the front half you can see the SU Hill looking eastward and from the back half you can see Syracuse and Onondaga Lake looking westward. I encourage everybody who runs to make this race or run a practice half with friends. You will not be disappointed. But I digress from telling of our quest.

All 8 runners were good people. All with the same goal in mind– to run, to chat, and to conquer hills. The 8 ran up to Thorndon Park and circled “the tower” to take in the spectacular view of the city and Onondaga Lake (it was awesome). They pressed onward and outward up Comstock to Colvin, running down rather than up. Harrison offered a nice incline leading us to the water tower, so a slow descent on Colvin was much appreciated.

At this point many ran S. Salina and returned to Clinton Square while others, the bravest of souls, ran passed Kirk Park to South Ave. Many say that a Kevlar vest may be necessary for this portion of the trip, however runners prefer light weight fabrics which breathe; Kevlar is definitely out of the question.
At this point I was told how this section of the Mountain Goat race, although not the best section of town, is one of the most fun because many of the residents are cheering and encouraging the runners on. The Kirk Park Pop Warner boys sponsor a water stop and give the runners the a shot of kindness before ascending Colvin St.
Soon enough the 8 all safely returned to Clinton Square. High fives went all around. Hopes of returning next week to run again, either the entire Mtn. Goat or the back side going the opposite direction was discussed. My hopes are for both. Maybe the 8, plus some, can meet at Clinton Square; everyone can do their run at their preferred pace and rendezvous for a quick cup of joe and a pastry.

Who is in? I am.
See you on the road.