Friday, October 24, 2014

From Running To Cycling

I have not run in over a month.  My body just aches way too much after a run, especially the morning after a run.  The only thing I needed to figure out was how to lose and maintain weight while cycling since I have always had trouble keeping weight off whenever I tried transitioning to the bike.

This latest transition began while meandering around Barnes and Noble.  I looked at novels and classic literature (which I always love to read) and found myself on the sports isle seeing what may catch my eye.  Boom, there it was a book on cycling... Bike Your Butt Off.  I grabbed it and started to read the first few pages; it was very simple to read. It made sense. The price was right. I bought it.

It is definitely a beginners guide. Although I am not new to biking, it was nice to know that there are cyclists who know less than you.  The book talked about cycling shorts with the butt padding. I learned I was still a newbie in this area because I wore them like a newbie, with underwear.  Now I know that no underwear is best for cycling in these tight fitting shorts and has made my riding significantly more comfortable.

The book reviewed basic riding skills. Warm ups, exercises, braking, and maneuvering (turning, avoiding cars, and anticipating slowing down and how to stop quickly if necessary).

The most important items Bike Your Butt Off led me to is an app called My Fitness Pal and a heart rate monitor.  I do not believe that an inanimate objects can provide motivation. The objects don't generate action. The action must come from you, on the inside to get up and move.  However, with that being said, if it weren't for My Fitness Pal and the Polar heart rate monitor, I would have had no idea how to lose weight while cycling.

I set up my profile and created a goal weight in My Fitness Pal (I wanted to lose at least ten pounds) and followed the daily calorie count I should eat each day.  The heart rate monitor allowed me to rude and know his many calories I burned after each ride.  Those calories I burned cycling could then be added in so I could eat a little mire. I lost ten pounds in four weeks and two more a week later after reaching my goal.  So 12 pounds. I am sold. Knowing what you can eat and how much your activity burns is crucial.

I am not perfect. I slip often, especially since I hit  beyond my goal weight.  But that is ok. If you don't eat the fun food (for me that is ice cream and chocolate chips ahoy) you go nuts.  I have returned to wearing my rough style khakis and my favorite pair of jeans.  I am a happy camper.  The new suits I purchased for my son's wedding in China are loose.  Ahh, comfortable at last.  The time has come to hit the weights and build some muscle.

This blog is still about running around Syracuse, but running on a bicycle.  I enjoy riding my bike.  On nice days I hop on my Caad 8 road bike, and on cold rainy days, I spin while watching television. Unfortunately, the spin bike is broke.  The computer went bad and is awaiting a replacement.  Soo, I will be ready for winter riding indoors.

My next post will be about cycling and my research on bike touring which I hope to begin doing in the spring.  Until then, I will see you on the road.