Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Resolution Run

This Resolution Run sponsored by the Syracuse Track Club and the Spaghetti Warehouse was well attended and awesome. Although the temp was ice, the streets were covered in snow and slush, and the hills challenging, the Lake Effect Run Club was well represented by Ray, Bill, Bob, Mary Ellen, Pat, Tom, Chris, and Mark.

The highlights of the race were charging the brick paved hill and the never ending Schiller Park incline followed by a champagne toast turnaround and where the many friendly faces met along the road. I can say this, I would have been left for dead after taking the champagne turn if Bob hadn't caught me and chatted to take my mind of my struggles. A friendly smile from Jennifer as she passed me bybefore the homestretch helped me maintain a strong pace to the end. Thank you all for getting me to the finish line.

However, although our motto is no man left behind, Mark and I left Ray behind when he stopped to take a few pics. He never caught us until we met again in front of the Spaghetti Warehouse. I bet Ray has some sweet pics to post on web page.

The race was capped by a beer, chili, and spaghetti in bed (a table designed to look like a brass 4 poster) with all our friends. Then we strolled over to the bar for a few wonderful prizes: car monograms, ball caps, joke books, lamps, beer kits, and t-shirts.

I can't wait for 2010. This tme I'll be ready for the brick hill. See you on the road.

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