Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold Morning Run

A chilly run this morning with Mike, Bob and Ray. We ran a ttal of 10.5 miles from the Park View Hotel in Syracuse through the Syracuse University area. We ran by the Pan Am 103 Memorial and then up to Mt Olympus.

The run was tough and many big hills paved with brick lay before us before climbing to the Water Tower in Thornden Park. From there it was downhill.

After the run was completed we all enjoyed good conversation and a cup of coffee (Ray had an awesome fruitcake like muffin, too). We talked about marathoming and adding a Saturday early run and a Sunday afternoon run. Check web site for details of when and where to meet.

Next week should be significantly warmer, but be prepared for the worst. Afterall, it is CNY. See you on the road.

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