Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cold Weather and Bow Ties

This winter has been the best of times for running and cycling outdoors and the worst of times.  Running and cycling are my choices for solid cardio and routine fitness since I usually fail to follow a healthy diet. What is a fella to do when the weather goes from the 50s and drops to the 20s?

The answer is quite simple, he runs and cycles inside.  At home its the cycle trainer and spin bike while at the gym its simple weight lifting and running the track at the Y. 

As I get older, the cold psychs me out.  I'd rather wear shorts and sneakers and run among the walkers who resolved to get in shape than to freeze and to find breathing challenging due to the cold air.

I choose to run and cycle indoors. Its important to me to maintain my weight and stay fit enough to keep my current suits and add to my wardrobe.  I discovered some new items to enhance and change my style this winter, and I loom forward to my new additions:  bow ties, pocket squares, and waistcoats.

My first bow tie.  I had to youtube how to tie one.  It was a small challenge.  I got it right on the 5th or 6th try.  Pulling the end through the correct side of the hole was the key.  I love the look. 

It takes confidence to wear one.  Some people like them others hate them. The comments are usually left unsaid, but reading the minds of those folks looking at you communicates a variety of ideas.  I will have to comment on what those varied ideas are another time.

The bow tie is cool.  It really needs a companion item. Either a sweater vest or waistcoat to add to a new look, to sharpen the look, and to add color and variety in style options (coat on or coat off, waist coat w bow tie or no bow tie, sleeves pulled up and bow tie free hanging... So many options).

My newest edition is the pocket square.  I am starting with a solid white silk pocket square w the Presidential Fold.  Its a simple and clean fold that can bring out some small color in your tie or add a color to draw some attention to fashion detail.

The waistcoat will be my next addition.  I hope for a slimming effect, additional looks to wearing suit, and creating a more complete and versatile appearance to detail among professionals.

As a matter of fact, the sport of cycling honors these traditions in England.  The casual cyclist wears tweed three piece suits to
honor the past and to make the future a touch classier.  I like it.

Till then, I will see you on the road.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Repainted and Restored Bicycles