Sunday, January 29, 2017

Since My Last Post: Too Much has Happened

Well, here we are in 2017.  Several months have passed since my last post in September of 2016.  The primaries ended, the election of Donald Trump has been completed, and I started shaving with a straight razor; I also moved my running and cycling indoors.

I will start with the weather.  Although the snow has not been my obstacle to running or cycling outside, its been cold.  I cannot run outside when the temperature dips below 40 degrees, and I cannot cycle outside yet in the winter because I am still collecting the necessary gear to accommodate the cold breeze of winter cycling.  I made one attempt to cycle in the cold, the temperature was 28 degrees and snow was lightly falling. I wore my running gloves that did not possess the capacity to keep my hands warm while riding.  My fingers froze.  I  turned around and rode briskly home after four miles.  I hope to acquire a nice pair of cycling gloves once I meet my other priorities like paying taxes and such then I will attempt another cold ride.

I must say, that overall, 2016 was a splendid year.  My family moved from one side of Syracuse to the opposite side, and we transitioned the children to another school district and established ourselves as connoisseurs of local ice cream parlors; I learned that Lune Chocolate makes the best chocolate and ice cream sandwiches in Central New York, possibly the state.  As a cyclist, I started to enjoy hill riding since hills seem to dominate the roads around here.  I discovered the beauty of Cazenovia Lake and how beautiful it could be to live on a lake.  I love taking a spin around the lake.  The homes are gorgeous.  This summer, I will make a couple of cycling goals:  1.  to ride round Skaneateles Lake, 2. to do one bicycle over night at a local campground, maybe two.

Regarding politics, I sure hope Donald Trump can do what he says, "Make America great again."  It will be an arduous task to overcome the obstacles of the left who seek to push their agenda of street rebellion and anarchy.  The streets will become more and more violent as The Donald commences the implementation of taking America back from the Democratic thugs who plunged our nation into a socialist abyss of handouts and relative responsibilities.

Abortion, health care, and the environment are the abodes for leftist ideologues who manipulate an uneducated public that no longer pays attention to the meaning of words nor the long term affects of "government"actions.  People forget that  government programs do not work.  They have never worked.  They have never saved anyone any money, ever.  It was the government that gave us HMOs, Health care did not get any better nor did it get any less expensive.  As a matter of fact, since Medicare, medicaid, and HMOs were established, health care has gotten more expensive and less effective because, now, there is a guaranteed payor-- the government and an insurance company.  The costs have become divided, not less expensive.  So, now there is a move to increase the cost to the insured (patient) to alleviate the cost to the government payor and the insurance payor unless the insured (patient) is part of an inclusive government system like medicaid-- aka Obama Care's state exchanges.

Trump, will fail to restore our nation to the fee-for-service health system of the past because our citizens fell for the lie that fee-for-service is not affordable and is exclusive when, in reality, its the fee-for-service system that breeds lower prices and restores the "practice of medicine"to the physician.  Think about it?

Health care is my largest issue with Mr. Trump because, unlike most Americans, I know what he will do.  He will create a large interdependent, interstate insurance program that will be 100% regulated by the government and ensure "universal" health care comes to fruition.  The only winners will be the wealthy and the politically connected.

With that said, Trump will have a positive impact on smashing the highbrow attitudes of the mainstream media and lifting up the conversation among Americans to speak plainly again.  In short the pc language of the left will fade.

Last, shaving with a straight razor is just awesome.  I can now shave without an expensive replaceable cartridge system.  One razor and months of shaves before another honing that will last months again.  Beyond cost of blades, the entire process of wet shaving (that is the phrase used for "old time" shaving) is relaxing.  The lathering of shaving cream in a mug, the slow process of shaving the face with care, and the use of balm and after shave has raised my level of hygiene to a higher level.  This past year was a throwback year of sorts.  I wear bow ties (only the tying kind) once a week. I shave with either a DE razor or a straight razor.  The past is the new future.  I believe its important for Americans to know that the past holds the keys to our success as a nation.  Sometimes we cannot return to old methods, but where we can restore the past, we should.  Old customs like self-responsibility, self-discipline, and self-restraint are always virtuous and will always improve who we are as people and therefore who we desire to be as a nation.

Keep riding your bicycle.  Keep running.  Stay fit. Til next time, I will see you on the road.