Sunday, November 29, 2015

Learn to Cycle No-Handed

Pretty cool video.  I was very good at the "no hands" thing when I was a teenager.  As a matter of fact, I can recall several rides where I was oblivious to approaching bumps and small objects in the road.  I was that comfy without hands.  Not so much anymore.  Take a look.

Cold Weather Ride... Brrrr!

Its Thanksgiving weekend, and i have been exposed to the temptation of eating way to often, and I have repeatedly failed in maintaining any sense of self-discipline; I see food and I eat it.  It can be anything.  Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, potatoes of all kinds, and dessert.  I find it all good.   What makes matters worse is the traveling.

We drove to Long Island and ate road food:  burgers, fries, and snacks from gas stations.  then we drove home a few days later and ate from the same crappy menu all the way home, but we substituted an everything bagel with cream cheese from the Bagel Oasis in Fresh Meadows, Queens on place of the burger.  Damn it was good with a Yoo-hoo and a cup of light and sweet coffee.

So, what happened to make me ride the trainer for an hour last night and a couple hours in the cold weather and wind today?  Well, it is the scale.  It pushed up from my usual 165 to 169.8.  Ugh!  I cant accept that I will be sucking in my belly when I zip my suit pants tomorrow morning for work.  I hate that feeling.  This morning was the dawn of a new day.

I rolled out of bed later than usual, 10ish?  I showered and looked out the window as my neighbors all around were decorating their homes in Christmas lights and wreaths.  Everyone seemed so happy, smiling, laughing, admiring the straight string of lights dawning the front gutter.  Not me.  I am not a fan of the fanfare of Christmas since it diminishes the real reason for the season.  It makes me think how many children actually know what Christmas is other than the biggest gift grab of the year; as if today's kids aren't spoiled enough throughout the year.  But I digress...

I said to my beautiful bride, "I think we should buy new lights and decorations this year."  I continued my enthusiastic delay of game, "Starting fresh would be so nice. No tangled lights, fresh looking garland, beautiful and well shaped wreaths dawning the windows, maybe even some candles smartly placed could add some flare."  While I spoke, I knew I was gonna jump on my bike and ride long and far as I hope for the storm of the century that would make it impossible to join the throngs of Christmas lovers who toil about the outside of their homes only toil some more 4 months later to take it all down after the snow melts.

Ok, I rode from my house in Baldwinsville down route 370 into Onondaga Lake Park and through the park to the skate park and back through to Longbranch Rd up to route 57 and stopped at Starbucks for a much needed Soy Chai Latte.  Damn that was good.  It felt good to feel warm for a few moments.  I drank the warm chai and rode back up 370.  This time the wind was in my face.  The temp surely dropped.  Riding up hill and with a cold wind blowing in my face was torture.  But I knew I would be happy burning the calories and earning my evening dinner.

I love riding my bicycle. Since the weather is turning, my road bike is on the trainer and its time to ride the Surly LHT in the rougher environments.  The steel frame can handle anything and the wide, aggressive tires make it good for the road, grass, and snowy rad conditions I will ride her in.  Today was a first day.  I need better gloves and warmer toe covers to keep my tootsies warm.

One more small note before I sign off.  Every ride or every run, I am inspired by someone.  Today was no different.  There was an elderly gentleman at the park stopped midway along the paved path chatting with the park ranger.  I noticed the old man had a walker, but thought nothing of his "walk".  I rode on toward the skate park and made my way around the play ground and the bocci courts to start my "back track" through the park.  The elderly gentleman was walking with his walker.  As I approached him, you could hear the walker being slid across the pavement, one step at a time.  He was over a mile out from the main parking lot.  He just kept taking a step.  He kept on sliding the walking forward then taking another step.  H looked in good shape.  I remember how engaged he had been with the ranger; now all the energy he demonstrated to make it through Onondaga Lake Park. He was my inspiration to finish the "cold" ride.  Thank you sir for pushing me forward.  I hope to see you again.

I can't wait for the next ride outside. Maybe I can get a reprieve from stringing lights and decorations around the house.  Time will tell.

See you on the road.