Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trot, Prospect Park Brooklyn, NY

Hey guys, just finished my Turkey Trot at Prospect Park. It was awesome to run in NYC. I even ran my fastest per mile race yet: 8:02 per mile.
This Thanksgiving started at 5am, rolling out of bed and commenced my drive to Brooklyn. I travelled the LIE west to the BQE west to Tillary Dr to Flatbush Ave, passed Grand Army Plaza and turned into Prospect Park. I was the first one there, even before the PPTC staff. I didn't want to get lost or be late do to traffic.
Before the race, I signed in and received my sports bag (no t-shirt), bib, and timer chip. I ran up and down the road behind the starting line to keep warm (39 degrees). The race started at exactly 9am and was very crowded.
As the race started I was running slower, walking pace, until the .5 mark and things opened up quite a bit after the 1 mile mark which posted a 9:36 mile. That pissed me off. So once the crowd loosened up I took off.
The majority of the race was a gradual incline after looping the Prospect Lake. The inclines stuck as we ran the perimeter of the park until the 3.5 mile mark when speed could be gained on a slight down grade which leveled off at the 4 mile mark, which was not accurate. I took off with no end and started to die until the finish came into view. I sprinted the last 20 yards to pass a runner just before crossing the finish line. I stole 296 place.
Once the race ended, I strolled over to the Oriental Pavilion, received my medal and had a warm cup of hot chocolate and a bagel. Very delicious, by the way. I caught my breathe and returned to the finish line watching the runners come in until the end. I met a woman from Jamaica, an older lady named Jean. She ran NYC Marathon and came in just above 4 hours. She runs triathlons, too. Funny thing is, she grew up on an island and didn't learn how to swim until she was over 40, living in Brooklyn and needed a break from running. Now she is my parents age and still runs and competes in triathlons. Amazing. We walked toward the race results being posted back near the Oriental Pavilion and noticed that I finished 296 and she 297. She was the woman I aggressively passed just before crossing the finish line. Funny. I spent myself that last 20 yards to be 296 and to pass an older woman who said, "This was just a fun run." She could have kicked my butt at any time.
This is what makes these races so much fun. You compete against yourself. You compete against others only for an ego boost. And all the time while running, or watching others finish, you meet people, share experiences, and make friends. She let me know about the Brooklyn Half Marathon in the spring and I told her to try the Mountain Goat or the Boilermaker in June. I guess we can look for each others' results after those races are run and smile.
See you on the road.
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