Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Utica Boilermaker

All righty, the Celtic Harp was awesome. had a great time with the gang and the sun burned me like a cow being branded by a red hot iron.

With that all said, this was my first Boilermaker. I ran half the race with Erin and Brandi. We stuck pretty close together until erin asked “to blow the race out.” I think that’s how it went. I paced us up to make up for lost time fighting the thousands of runners from the start to the Valley View Golf Course.

To reach the starting line we waited ten minutes. To run at the beginning, we ran on the sidewalks and grass along the side of the road. Many folks could have broken a leg if they weren’t careful; well, maybe sprained an ankle. The good news was that from the start to the finish, the streets were alive with the sounds of spectators. Water was plentiful, as was the ice and ice pops. I sucked on an ice pop after reaching Champlin Ave. It hit the spot.I also choked on a small piece because i was breathing too heavy. thay would have made for a good headline in the morning paper, “Runner Dies: Exfixiated on Ice Pop”

Well, back to my story, I heard Erin tell me to pace us up so we could achieve a 9 min/mile race. So I started the pace.

As I picked up the pace, Erin and Brandi stayed with me. A few times they saw opening among the other runners and passed me. At mile 5 or 6 we took a GU and were separated for the last time. I outran them I discovered after I crossed the finish line. Erin really is a driver; I have no idea how I received the “drill sergeant” nick name. I’m all about being one with the other runners. I looked all around me and couldn’t see either one of them, so I ran on hoping to catch up with the fleet footed Erin and Brandi.

I pretty much took off. Turned onto Genesee St while “Gonna Fly” filled the warm air. Ran up Sunset to Burrstone Rd. This was awesome. The streets were opening up. I hopped onto the median and ran up to Utica College. i figured this was a good opportunity to text a friend about where I was in the run. Feeling good, I turned onto Champlin to a throng of cheers, water, and ice pops. I texted again. I was having a blast.

I ran as fast as my injured legs would take me. i do not believe anybody passed me on this part of the course; yet, i still saw no signs of Erin and Brandi. “They,” i thought to myself, “must be done already.” there is no way I could have out run them. They are both sooo competitive.

As I approached the last tenth of a mile on Champlin my hamstring tightened. I was forced to slow down for a while. I made the next right and headed that long last mile for the finish line. Up a short hill. Many folks shouted out, “Hey San Diego.” I was wearing a San Diego Track Club singlet. I saw the finish and took off again. I entered the shute and finished the race. My pace was good. Much better than I expected since I was ditched by my friends and very scared running alone in a strange city.

I’ll leave a commentary about the after party and post race events tomorrow.

Check out our times and yours under the Results Tab. See you on the road.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009