Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tipperary Hill Run

Good run this afternoon. The hills of Tip Hill were alive with the sound of splashing slush and an occasional shout out from the locals who thought us 7 runners crazy for being out today after a snow storm. They may be right, but the temp was good, and the streets not too bad.

It was nice meeting a few new folks, Liz, Bob, and Chris. The Irish Grounds Coffee Shop is a nice place to congregate, and the coffee and bagels hit the spot following the run.
Burnet Park and the Burnet Park Zoo were two sites to run passed while Coleman's and Nibsy's Irish Pubs and St. Patrick's Church are landmarks that brought back many memories for Mary Ellen who grew up on Tip Hill. She shared stories about walking to school and meeting friends on her way. She even pointed out a home of her second grade teacher, Mrs. Kennedy. Awesome run. Now with some personal meaning that makes it better and ever memorable.

Eileen and Mary Ellen are going to fine tune the run for a few more miles next weekend, weather permitting. I can’t wait to do it again. The track we took was the actual Shamrock Run, a 4 mile hill run which supports the Tipperary Hill Neighborhood Association. A great cause for the many young people families moving to this well established community.
If anyone is sitting on the fence on whether to run with us or not, just come out. No one is left behind. Its about running, not racing. The exercise is good, the conversation better, and the people are the best.
See you on the road.
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