Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boot Camp at OLP

Hey gang, Great times were had while participating at Patty Hendry’s Boot Camp. At least 10 or so folks showed up to “get in shape”. Patty beats you real well, but makes you feel good doing so. And let me tell you, she has the ears for the CIA and the eyes of an eagle. She caught me cheating on squats!

The Boot camp lasted about an hour and a half. We started from the main visitor center near the Wegman’s Playground and did jumping jacks, push ups, squat thrusts (I haven’t done those since HS football), and a few more warm up exercises; all of us were warm and ready within a few minutes.

After stopping to do bench squats, bench push ups, push ups, grape vines, side shuffles, Indian runs, hill sprints… I looked forward to getting home to complete stacking wood for the winter; yet, while driving home, I thought I could have done more. I was ready to return for another session; I enjoyed it so much. Just like a good run, once its ends you want to do it again.

I met many new people, Mike, Lisa, Lucy (who runs w/us in B’ville), Melanie, Kelly, Kim, Casey, and Antionette to name several. All of them were good. All of them said it was also worth attending Patty’s spin class, too. I may take them up on it, but I really love running.

I could not go for some eats with the campers, but after the new year, count me in. I highly recommend participating in Patty Hendry’s Boot Camp, its well worth the energy and effort to make ourseves better while being with fantastic people. Maybe we can skip and hop a few more times at the next boot camp. I’ll also work on my balance and flexibility some.

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