Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running the Back End of The Mountain Goat

This morning 8 brave souls (Ray, Bob, Mary Ellen, Eileen, Colleen, Angie, Mark, and I)ventured out to downtown Syracuse, meeting at the Clinton Square Ice Rink to run the back end of the Mountain Goat Race.
I'll tell you this, every time I run a half of the Mtn. Goat I am amazed by the views this race offers. On the front half you can see the SU Hill looking eastward and from the back half you can see Syracuse and Onondaga Lake looking westward. I encourage everybody who runs to make this race or run a practice half with friends. You will not be disappointed. But I digress from telling of our quest.

All 8 runners were good people. All with the same goal in mind– to run, to chat, and to conquer hills. The 8 ran up to Thorndon Park and circled “the tower” to take in the spectacular view of the city and Onondaga Lake (it was awesome). They pressed onward and outward up Comstock to Colvin, running down rather than up. Harrison offered a nice incline leading us to the water tower, so a slow descent on Colvin was much appreciated.

At this point many ran S. Salina and returned to Clinton Square while others, the bravest of souls, ran passed Kirk Park to South Ave. Many say that a Kevlar vest may be necessary for this portion of the trip, however runners prefer light weight fabrics which breathe; Kevlar is definitely out of the question.
At this point I was told how this section of the Mountain Goat race, although not the best section of town, is one of the most fun because many of the residents are cheering and encouraging the runners on. The Kirk Park Pop Warner boys sponsor a water stop and give the runners the a shot of kindness before ascending Colvin St.
Soon enough the 8 all safely returned to Clinton Square. High fives went all around. Hopes of returning next week to run again, either the entire Mtn. Goat or the back side going the opposite direction was discussed. My hopes are for both. Maybe the 8, plus some, can meet at Clinton Square; everyone can do their run at their preferred pace and rendezvous for a quick cup of joe and a pastry.

Who is in? I am.
See you on the road.
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