Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running Baldwinsville

This morning was a great run. I took my usual loop around Baker HS and added the bridges, Tappan and Downer Sts.

I truly love running in the village. The only places i contend with some traffic is on Oneida St running towards 31 and 31 running to Curtis St. Otherwise it not bad.

The highlight of running in the village is the cinder trail behind the dance center and Dunkin Donuts which ends at the parking lot adjacent Sammy Malone's Pub. Another trail along the river is picked up on the west side of Syracuse St at River St. A nice incline follows up North St, crossing 31 and returning to Oneida St. to complete the last 2 miles of the 5 mile loop.

Yet, today, I came off the cider trail and headed over the 2 bridges in front of the Red Mill Inn and passed by the Lake Effect and the Canal Cafe to turn down Tappan St. Very quiet on this road breezing by the cemetery and eventually winding around to Downer St near the retro Mc Donald's.

It would be great to add paper Mill Island to this run. Maybe, if the B'ville 5 Mile Fly Run can become a reality I could finagle something there for a pleasant turnaround locale. Until then, "see you on the road."
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