Saturday, August 1, 2009

Team In Training for Disney and AZ RnR Marathons

Its been a while since my last post talking about my varied experiences while training for the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon. Now a new season begins. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is recruiting for the winter season. There are two fantastic, flat marathons and half marathons to train for in January: The Disney Marathon and the Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon.

This season I have been selected as a non-fundraising mentor. I get to run with more new folks, meet a new coach, Kim, who seems awesome and help the participants achieve their goals. I can vouch for the wonderful experience I had running and fundraising for the Team in Training last March through June. I met new friends and learned about many personal stories, which motivated me to persevere, that touched my heart regarding those people, our friends and family, who suffered, died, and survived blood cancer.

I can say in all honesty that my Team In Training experience last season was one of the most impactful and meaningful things I have ever done. It took me well outside my comfort zone by honoring my friend's sister Jane, who has multiple myloma cancer and asking my friends, colleagues, and relatives to support my run. While raising funds for Jane's cause, I took on others' who have or have had blood cancer on as honorees. On all my runs I thought about Jane and the others whose stories I learned and used them for motivation to carry on.

If I hadn't known their stories, I would have dropped out of the race for sure. At mile 14 I wanted to drop dead. I thought about Jane's and the other's stories while running and thought about how small my "pain" and 'discomfort" was in comparison to theirs and had no choice but to finish the marathon. By mile 21 I wanted to drop, but I didn't because I could not let them down. I promised to finish.

As I blogged about my training runs, and thought about each supporter who donated funds to LLS my commitment was strengthened. Each time I saw a supporter or a running mate, they asked me about my training and pushed me onward. While I was in the corner of Jane Spellman and the many others with blood cancer, my friends, family, and colleagues were in my corner, rooting me for success.

I encourage anyone who dreams of running a marathon or a half marathon to step outside your comfort zone and make a commitment to join the Team In Training. Run with 1000s of other runners and walkers who dare to make a difference with their hearts, minds, and legs. Once you cross the finish line, you become the hero to blood cancer victims, their families, and to all those who supported the cause. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Please visit or come to our information meeting on August 5 at the Liverpool Library at 6:30pm or August 10 at Dewitt Town Hall also at 6:30pm.
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