Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nike Sport Band and a 13 Mile Run

Today started early for a Saturday: clock went off around 6am. I did not want to get out of bed, but I made a commitment to run early, before the rest of the crew, with Erin. Our plan, to run 3 loops around the lake and the water tower; it actually ends up being 3 around the water tower and 6 around the lake. Who cares anyway.

To bottom line the run, Erin and I did complete the 13 miles. We stopped at the Fire Barn for a few refreshments and to chat with the new arrivals; Bob who was busy, as usual, lending a hand setting up the cafe and Ray who was meeting and greeting, I think Mayor of Syracuse is in his future.

Well, Erin and I weren't the only early arrivals though. Erinn (2 "n"s is correct. Its not a typo.), Maryann, and John ran early too. They agreed, the earlier the better for completing the run and avoiding the peak of the summer heat and humidity. The other runners who arrived at the appointed time were Debbie, Melissa, Bob, Ray, Chris, Lauren, Todd, and Tony. I cannot recall everyone else. Sorry. There were many. Open bathrooms were a good discovery to all the runners even though a Strathmore resident opened their home to any runners who needed to use a restroom. How kind is that. I want to live there. Great park and friendly people.

Aside from completing our 13 miles, Erin and I were on a mission to discover if her Nike Sports Band was functioning properly or if it was just her short stride that caused its inaccuracies. So, I wore her sports band, a pretty pink and white, and placed the transmitter in my shoe while Erin wore my sports band, a manly black and red, and placed the transmitter in her shoe lace pouch.

The results are in: Erin's sports band read 2.98 while I wore the band, and my band read .06 while she wore my band. Erin actually was the problem. Either their is a height limitation, or her stride is a little short, or maybe she moves her arms too much while she talks. It could be anything. However, I do not think its the pouch. Next run I will use the pouch, and we'll see what happens. Erin. on the other hand, is sticking to her theory that it matters if the transmitter is in the shoe rather than on the shoe with the pouch. What do you think; am I gonna be correct and Erin mistaken? Or is it the other way around?

There was another story. It escapes me right now, but I'll make another post if I can remember.

The cafe was awesome as usual. Plenty of food and drinks for everyone. The hospitality demonstrated by the Strathmore Community Association has been great and deserves our thanks. Let all runners who read this and all of us who participated in the training tuns register for the Fire Barn race for September 27.

The cafe will be down for the remainder of the summer, yet the association will continue to provide cold drinks for the runners for our Saturday or Sunday runs.

See you on the road.
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