Sunday, August 16, 2009

Running Onondaga Park

Awesome run yesterday morning. I think we had 11 runners out that fine, hot, and humid morning. Yet, we were prepared. Bob and I ditched a 32oz bottle of Gatorade w/promotional cups at the entrance to the reservoir loop, but I don’t think anyone had any since the bottle was full at runs end. All the runners stopped for a brief cool down at the Fire Barn where Bob brought water bottles and a jug of Gatorade with ICE; maybe the ice was the kicker.

Erin’s Nike band still doesn’t work, and its not because of her short stride or height deficiency. I think its her speed. Don’t say anything. Shh.

The course is a must for anyone looking to run short or long. Starting at the Fire Barn at Summit Ave we loop around the lake going down a slight grade and leave Onondaga Park near the pool and head up hill to Geddes and run the reservoir loop and then the water tower loop. After coming down the hill we run an open field through a parking lot and turn on Arden and follow the Mountain Goat blue hash marks and return to the Fire Barn to run one last Hiawatha Lake loop. That is just about 4.2 miles, Two loops gets you to almost eight and a half miles. Can’t wait to run it next weekend.

See you on the road.

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