Friday, March 13, 2015

Cycleops and Bike radar

This post is an update regarding my indoor cycle training.  I use my fluid trainer everyday, especially  on indoor/treadmill running days.  I want to comment about these dual training days.

On these dual training days, I ride the Cycleops Fluid Trainer for 35 to 50 minutes.  I set up my Mac Book and log in to and use the Bike Radar videos which lead several Cycleops Trainer training sessions or I utilize one of the other trainer videos available to give me direction for a good work out.

The Bike Radar clips run around 30 to 35 minutes in length and fluctuate the cadence between 105 and 60 while some of the other programs increase the cadence as high as 110.  Those high cadence programs generally last upwards of an hour in length.

I love the Cycleops trainer.  The more I use it to off set running or as an additional workout, the more I can't wait for the weather to clear and warm up so I can take it t o the streets.  Until then I will ride my Cycleops Trainer and hit the treadmill for an hour to an hour and 15 minutes three days a week and run a couple of times outside and a couple solo Cycleops Trainer rides.

Has the Cycleops Trainer helped my endurance?  Absolutely.  Two time I was able to run the first two miles of my runs below 18 minutes.  That  is pretty fast for me.  I will slow down after that mark and just coast for a few more miles to enjoy the run and return home for a shower and a meal.  It feels great to eat after you have earned it.  I wish every meal could come after a bike ride or a run.  Could you imagine NYC if  Mayor Bloomberg had been a runner or a cyclist?  He would have made a law.  No run, no McDonald's.  That would have been more draconian than limiting the size of soft drinks. 

Please don't vote for a commie-lib and run or bike for your daily bread.  I will ride tomorrow and see you on the road.

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