Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Hope of Spring

Ahh... Has spring finally sprung?  Not yet.  Although we have had some wonderful weather just prior to the official date of the season of winter thawing into the seasom of spring, we were blasted by serious snow and brutally cold weather.  Running outside, well for me anyway, was not gonna happen.

These past few days of warmer weather has been nice, yet the rain keeps me indoors.  I am not a fan of running in the cold or the wet.  Today, I am sure those runners who stepped outside to run had a pleasant experience.  The temp was moderate, around 40.  The rain still hung above them in the clouds.  However, here I am still inside hoping the temp climbs to 45 or I will ride the cycle trainer again.

The Clash sung a song entitled,. Should I Stay or Should I Go in the 80's... I run this refrain in my mind whenever the weather sits in limbo between nice and not-so-nice.  What will I do?  That is the question of the season.

Should i stay IN or should I go out?  I remain uncommitted to this point.  If I had a running partner to motivate me to run outside, it would not matter the conditions outside because we are in it together.  We can chat and have a coffe at the runs end and put our mind right for the days ahead after such a catharsis.  Yet, running solo, to me, is a quagmire.  It's lonely, quiet, and long (regardless of the distance).  My mind only drifts to the end, but its still the beginning.

I miss those friend runs.  I wonder if someone may ever run w me again asking, "Hey, lets get out there today although the weather is frightful, we can do it and persevere Mother Nature's wrath.
If you have a running buddy, gey outside and run.  If you run solo and see another solo runner, gain some courage and run alongside him or her.  Who knows, maybe he or she wanted a running buddy just like you.

Til then, I will see you on the road.
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