Sunday, July 17, 2016

Riding with a Clean Chain

Today was the ride after my chain received a thorough cleaning and fresh lube.  Wow! What a difference.

The chain was silent while I pedaled along the shoreline of Onondaga Lake.  Changing gears, up and down the rear cogs, was smooth.  The only noise came when downshifting at the incorrect moments at faster speeds.  I really need to work on finessing the rear derailleur.  Otherwise the hum of the tires spinning upon the paved path was the mantra of the Cannondale Caad 8.

Besides being quiet, a clean chain offers significant less resistance; its easier to pedal which makes you just a bit faster and less fatigued.  I felt wonderful on today's ride.  I saw families of geese paddling along the shoreline of the lake; I sped by folks strolling along; I rode around the Wegman's playground anticipating for the kids to activate the mister and to offer a cool mist as a slight refresher as I slowly passed by.

What was the hero of this grand ride around the lake? It was my Park Tools chain cleaner with an assist from Finish Line dry lube (purchased yesterday morning from The Bike Loft East).  Just fill the cleaning chamber with degreaser and crank the chain on through.  Follow that up by rinsing out the PT chain cleaner, fill with water and crank the chain through again.  The chain sparkled.  A clean chain and a clean frame and wheels make a road bike look new.  A nice clean bike and a silent chain give me all the confidence I need to go for a ride while wearing all that tight gear; otherwise, I would be just some wanna be hack trying too hard to look like I know what I am doing.  LOL.  It is true.  A well maintained bicycle begins and ends with a well lubed chain/drive-train.  Viva the Shimano 105 group set.  

I couldn't wait to ride my bicycle this afternoon.  Its was a great ride. It was a great day.  Looking forward to installing the Shimano 105 carbon pedals on Wednesday.  The Shimano 105 SPD SL 5800 pedals and cleats are wider than the SPD pedals and cleats I have now.  My hope is too eliminate a pressure point on my left foot where the current smaller spd cleat created.  I will keep you all posted.

Til then, I will see you on the road.
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