Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Trip Running Errands by Bicycle

A few weeks ago, the weather in the greater Syracuse area was freezing cold and snowy.  I thought it would never end, however.  The weather has finally broke, and the sun shines.   Bike riding temperatures arrived and it's time to start pedaling and increasing the various ways to ride my Surly LHT.

I checked the ties for proper inflation and hooked up my two Vaude rear panniers and completed three errands in the village.  To make a but of a work out, I deviated my route home to add more miles and completed the ride with just under 15 miles in an hour.

What errands did I complete?

Well, I checked the air in my tires, attached my panniers and off I went to mail a letter.  The drive into the village center was a little tight with cars squeezing me to the right side and the pot holes are awful.  The village must do a better job repairing these wheel breakers sooner rather than later.  I made it safely to the post office and mailed the infamous check.  From the post office I rode over to the dry cleaner and picked up the pants I brought there two weeks earlier.  I rolled them up into the hanger and stuffed them neatly into my right pannier.  I was surprised the hanger actually fit.  My last stop brought me back up the road, closer to home.  The convenience store across from my development.  I purchased a pack of gum and a Monster drink for later.  I opened the gum; and I took a piece.  I placed the Monster zero calorie drink into my handle bar bag.

Three errands completed by bicycle.  That was pretty cool.  I extended my ride another five or six miles to make it more of a comfortable ride/workout to burn a few extra calories to earn my dinner for the evening.

The following day, Friday, I rode my Surly LHT to the Y to lift.  I loaded the panniers onto the bike and placed my work out clothes and sneakers into one rear pannier and in the other I placed my Kryptonite lock set, gym locker lock, glasses, and (if needed) my wind breaker.  The gum and my glasses I placed inside the handlebar bag.  Locking my bike at the Y was the first time I have ever used a U-Lock and cable, and the first time in decades that I locked up a bicycle.  I did look out the window a few times to make sure it was still there and that no one was messing with it. 

A small note on the panniers. I did remove the panniers and took the items out of the handlebar bag and placed them in the panniers to take inside with me.  The panniers fit perfect inside the gym locker.

My total round trip to the Y and back was almost 18 miles.  I followed the rules of the road and traveled along a route that took me through a couple of neighborhoods and low traffic roads for safety.  I stopped once each way to take a sip of water.  All in all, it was a fun and relaxing ride.  I look forward to riding again.

See you on the road.
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