Saturday, February 9, 2013

Running in the Snow

Today was the day of the "snow storm" of the season.  A powerful noreaster came into the NE and dropped tons of snow on the greater Syracuse area.  As such, I had to get out and run.  After all, I still had 5 pounds to lose after gaining ten plus el bees on our cruise to the southern caribbean.  I was almost to goal and the Atkins diet is killing me because I want to eat.  I have to increase my daily and weekly mileage, no matter how much it may hurt.

Today I dressed appropriately after running in the cold earlier in the week.  I added one more layer.  I finally was comfortable. The only draw back of today's run was the gloves and the lack of facial protection from the snow.  Normally I would wear a running cap and tip my head slightly forward to keep the snow from pelting my face; lake effect snow does hurt sometimes, especially in high winds.   I was warm; that's all that mattered.

I ran six miles along three miles of relatively flat roads.  Typically the three mile point is my halfway mark, but to keep it flat and safe from traffic, I turned around and doubled back along Glacier Ridge Road to accomplish the total six miles.

I love running in the snow.  Its always quiet except for the crackling of the snow beneath you feet or the kicking of slush from underneath you sneakers or the "sloshing" sound of stepping into a slushy puddle along a highly traveled road.  These quiet runs give you time to think or dream.  I did a lot of dreaming as I reached mile 5.  I don't even remember crossing the street to stay on the left side of the road.  Once I came back to reality I was almost home.  What peace!  Yet, maybe a bit too peaceful.  I was lucky I didn't get hit by a car while I crossed that street.  The dream was worth it. It made me happy to dream a "good" dream since most of my bedtime dreams are scary, violent and quite vivid.  A running dream is always uplifting, positive.

My thoughts always run wild.  Running thoughts, unlike running dreams, are about routine of life: completing errands, ideas of what to do on the weekend, friendships, and family life.  My thoughts took me to all those places.  I thought about reaching my weight goal and whether or not to weigh in after the run to check on my progress; I did, and I am two pounds closer to my goal.  I have hopes of achieving that weight loss goal by Wednesday.  Oh, to be at that weight again.  I will hit the weights again and rebuild my strength which i feel like I've lost in my arms and chest.  Only then will I feel good about myself one more time.  To feel comfortable in my jeans and in my dress shirts will be pure bliss.  Being able to save money on the need to buy larger waist suits is gratifying.

For getting a step closer to my fighting weight, Pamela and I went out for dinner and grabbed a couple of things to improve our workouts.  For me, it was some new winter running gloves with wicking capability and touch screen fingers and a bellacava to protect my face from the cold and pelting snow. I can't wait to do two things tomorrow when the snow finally stops, snow blow the driveway and to go for another post snow run (short, possibly three miles).  Each task will allow me the opportunity to use the new winter items.  Wow, doesn't that sound exciting.

See you on the road.
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