Sunday, September 13, 2009

The ARC Half Marathon

Since I ran with TNT on Saturday morning, I missed the start of the ARC Half Marathon and was able to catch the lead 6 or 7 runners on their return to 370 back to the park and then I raced home, showered, and made it back for the finish.

Mark was the first person I recognized near the finish line. He looked tired, but his pace was fast, and he was in “the zone’. I actually jumped out and yelled, ‘Mark. Way to go.’ He didn’t even notice. He ran awesome- under 2 hours.

Then came Kristen, followed closely by Pam and Margie. They too were hauling. Kristen used the ARC as a TNT training run since she will be running the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco. I think she ought to do the full. She is very near being ready. She looked good. Great stride and nice pace. I shouted out to Pam to catch Kristen who was less than 30 seconds ahead. Funny thing, Pam started the race late and still finished strong and below the 2 hour mark. Unreal. I ran with she and Margie one morning at the park. I stayed with them for about 2 miles until i had to slow down. Those ladies are fast and run like they have never heard of “resistance”.

Michelle was next. She came in right about 2 hours. She looked strong and her pace was good. A few months back she did think she could finish the Boilermaker, but she did. Now she can’t stop running. I love talking about her runs and what she plans on running next. Good run.

Erin and Bob came through next, I think. If I screwed up the order don’t kill me. I’m doing my best. These 2 looked like they were having the time of their life. Neither looked tired; both were smiling and barely sweating. This was Bob’s first half. his knee held up and he finished just over 2 hours. Erin,finished much better than last year and looks ready for the Marine Corps in October. She also finished just over 2 hours.

I saw Debbie and Bill finish too. Debbie and Bill looked good. I had forgotten that they were running the ARC. Seeing them surprised me.

Well, congratulations to all of you. I love watching the runners. All of them, especially you guys that I know, inspire me to keep running. We all share the aches and pains of running, yet we all realise there a good days and “bad” days. (Not really, Any day you can run is a good day.) I look forward to running with y’all again soon. Next Sunday is the Burn Run in East Syracuse: a 5K and a 5 Miler. I’m gonna do the 5 miler.

See you on the road.

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