Saturday, June 6, 2009

Paige's Butterfly Run 2009

This morning my son Brandon and I travelled into Syracuse and ran, for our 2nd year, Paige's Butterfly Run. This is a race that raises funds for Children's Cancer and Upstate Medical University. This year's race had over 1,000 runners, double from last year.

We met up with several friends of mine from the Lake Effect Run Club and all our running friends. There is something about a race which just brings out the competitive juices. Regardless of the aches and pains I may feel, I always feel well. from the moment I picked up my packet I could feel excitement. Brandon and I ran to the car to drop off our goodie bag and race day tee and returned ready to run.

My former colleague, Mike, came in from Albany to run with his friend Tony. Mike started running a few months ago after losing 32 pounds. I couldn't wait to see him. We even had a picture taken together after the race.

I ran with a friend for the entire race while Brandon ran with his friends and improved his time over 2 minutes from last year; not bad for a kid who does little to no training for races. he likes this one race. I hope I can get him running more often, it would be nice to travel and run a big race with him.

The best part of the race is when we enter the barge canal area. there is a nice paved walk among the trees and the water. We come out in Franklin Square and run back up toward Franklin St. This is the halfway point. A quick stop for some water and the race winds down Park Street and returns passed NiMo and the finish line awaits the speedy, the wearie, an the "glad its over crowd." the most important part of running is not the time, although its fun to compete against yourself and friends, its just the running. By running a 5K race your doing something that most people don't do. That is moving and being motivated to move (run) again.

When I run, I see so many people of different shapes, sizes, and ages. I cannot believe some times who is running. Those who struggle and finish motivate me to persevere to finish and run longer. It is a goal we all share, to defeat the struggle. Running is more mental than physical after a while. In the beginning your legs can go while the mind whines. After running for a year, the legs whine sometimes while the mind perseveres and whispers, "We can go further; keep going." That is what its all about. Running to finish and running to stay fit.

See you on the road.

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